Testimonies – North Carolina

From Ernie Pearson, Attorney with Nexsen|Pruet and a devoted DBOM volunteer:

“I feel I have grown as a Christian through my association with DISCIPLE Bible Study and DBOM. My weekly visits to the prisons have become an important part of my life and my Christian faith. Observing our class members’ level of commitment to this Bible Study, their Christian contentment while behind bars, and the close-knit community that exists among them provides me a high level of inspiration that makes my life much more fulfilled.

The ministry has certainly had a positive impact on the men in my prison groups at Harnett Correctional. I have, through the years, observed numerous transformational miracles among members of the classes I have had the privilege to co-lead. Some include the following. A hardened convicted murderer weeping openly at the joy of receiving forgiving grace as a part of the closing communion service. A father weeping as he gave testimony of how Bible Study had sustained him after hearing of a son’s suicide while the father was an inmate. An inmate who exhibited anger as a new member of our class but who evolved into a contented person seemingly at peace with himself. An inmate who was so transformed by his Bible Study experience that upon being released, has begun a ministry outside of prison and waits until he can be approved to become a DBOM volunteer in the prison system.

As an attorney who early in my career handled many criminal cases, both as a prosecutor and defense counsel, I have been gratified and touched to observe the redemptive strength of DISCIPLE Bible Study. This program regularly validates my belief that those who need love most deserve it least.”

Well Done, He Will Say

by Adam, an inmate in DISCIPLE Class

For 34 weeks we’ve studied God’s Word
The hope it has given from the message we’ve heard.
Applying what we learned to our hearts and our minds
Searching God’s lessons to see what we could find.

We have learned of God and His precious Son
His plan of salvation and how we have won.
We were taught how Jesus died, on a cross for you and me,

How He nailed our sins to an old rugged tree.

The love that He showed for all who obey
By giving His life to take man’s sins away.
After three days He rose from the tomb—
With tears in His eyes He showed us His wounds.

He came to earth to seek and to save
Instead, the world tried to put Him in a grave.
He showed the earth He was King as He walked among men,
Convicting men’s hearts of their terrible sin.
He said, “Follow me and I will show you the way—”
He will always be with us day after day.

It’s not easy living in this terrible place,
The way some men live is such a disgrace.
The noise, the cursing, the vile use of God’s name,
For their unbelief is man’s greatest shame.

So DISCIPLE leaders, thanks from our hearts—
The class has been a blessing right from the start!
I pray a special blessing for the time that you gave
Teaching us God’s Word of how Jesus will save!

Pray for us that true disciples we’ll be
Stepping out for Jesus for all eternity!
I challenge us all to pick up the cross every day—
So when we get to heaven—“Well Done!” He will say.


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