Rings of Fellowship

Rings of Fellowship


RINGS OF FELLOWSHIP is a 25-week bible study curriculum developed in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Based on the model of DISCIPLE Bible Study, RINGS includes ice-breakers, games, puzzles and an accompanying video.

The original concept for RINGS was conceived by Mr. Ken Foster, then Assistant Secretary of the NC DJJDP in 2002.  A task force comprised of Foster, DBOM President Mark Hicks and DJJDP Chaplains Ben Whitlock, Sandra McKeown, James Cavenaugh, Richard Randolph, and Christopher Houston, worked on the project for more than a year.  With support from Secretary George Sweat, RINGS became a faith-based initiative of the NC DJJDP.  The lessons were first piloted at Stonewall Jackson YDC in Concord and spread to all the institutions.  In 2006. a new revision of RINGS was launched with a focus on youth in both the correctional setting and the local church. That same year RINGS was marketed nationwide by Cokesbury.

The RINGS student manual was written by Dr. Mark Hicks.  The Leader’s Guide was developed by the Rev.LuAnn Charlton, Minister of Education at Hayes-Barton United Methodist Church in Raleigh, NC.  General Evangelist Rev. Andy Lambert created and hosted the RINGS video.  Rev. Bill Gibson provided graphic art and creative design.  Disciple Bible Study author and United Methodist Bishop, Richard B. Wilke, is the editor of the RINGS curriculum.

RINGS Components – RINGS has the following three components:

  1. Student Manual for each participant
  2. A Facilitator’s Notebook for the leaders
  3. A DVD

The RINGS Lessons are as follows:

R – Responsibility, Section I

  1. God Created Everything
  2. The People Disobey God
  3. God Gives the Law
  4. Living God’s Way
  5. Awards Ceremony

I – Invitation, Section II

  1. God Calls Abraham
  2. The Story of Joseph
  3. God Frees the People
  4. God Provides Leaders
  5. Awards Ceremony

N – Neighbors, Section III

  1. Who is My Neighbor?
  2. The Teachings of Jesus
  3. Jesus Lays Down His Life
  4. Who is Jesus?
  5. Awards Ceremony
G – God, Section IV

  1. The Power of the Holy Spirit
  2. Sharing the Good News with the World
  3. Freedom in Christ
  4. An Older Friend Gives Guidance
  5. Awards Ceremony

S – Service, Section V

  1. A People Set Apart
  2. Be Doers of the Word
  3. Sharing Our Gifts with the World
  4. The Ring of Fellowship
  5. Awards Ceremony
For more information on this curriculum or becoming a DBOM volunteer, please contact:

Dr. Mark Hicks
Toll-free (855) 980-7400


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