Our Mission

“To develop and strengthen Bible study ministries in local churches and in outreach settings – especially prisons – which will transform lives, make disciples, and empower Christians for outreach ministry.”

Our Vision

“Making disciples through Bible study to bring God’s grace to a hurting world.”

Disciple Bible Outreach Ministry is managed by:

  • Working as a liaison between institutional officials (prison administrators, chaplains etc.), pastors, and volunteers
  • Providing volunteer recruitment, training and ongoing supervision
  • Providing financial resources for the Disciple Bible Outreach ministry including leadership training and study materials (manuals, videos and study Bibles).
  • Working with the State Department of Corrections, Federal prisons, and local jails and detention centers on behalf of the Annual Conferences.


About Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries of Tennessee


Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries of TN, Inc. is a joint effort of the Memphis, Tennessee, and Holston Conferences to minister in Jesus’ name in all of the Tennessee state prison facilities. Trained local church volunteers commit to worship, prayer, and Bible study with incarcerated persons, utilizing Disciple Bible Study or other appropriate materials.

While the TN Conference is already working in facilities in Clifton and Nashville, representatives from all 3 conferences are developing relationships with the TN state prison system to open opportunities at the other 12 facilities.

Solidarity with people in prison is at the heart of Christian discipleship and ministry.  Jesus claimed “release to prisoners” as central to his mission (Luke 4:18); and he declared that visiting those in prison is a means of visiting him (Matthew 25:36 ). And, let us remember that Jesus himself was a convicted felon and was executed by the Roman government. What better way to grow in discipleship than sharing in Bible study with people who live behind prison walls?  There we will meet the Crucified and Risen Christ!

Kenneth Carder

Bishop (Retired), United Methodist Church



Randy Horick, President
Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries of Tennessee, Inc.



DBOM of Tennessee Board of Directors:

Randy Horick, President
Rich Peck, Vice President
Davis Turner, Secretary
Jason Brock, Treasurer

Fred A. Allen
John R. Bonson, Sr.
Bill Bowen
Carol Cavin-Dillon
Charles Gilliland
Tom Hazelwood
Ingram Howard
Eric Knoefel
Bill Miller
Mark Price
Stella M. Roberts
Mike Smith
Jerry Welborn

Nothing is more important today than Prison ministry. We have so many men and women behind bars. I am so proud of Disciple Bible Outreach Prison Ministry. Taking the small group Bible study lead by laypersons into the men and women prisons is powerful. It is helping inmates change their lives. Laymen week by week go into the prison and build meaning Christ centered relationships. Mark Hicks has built the program prison by prisons and state by state, I am so proud of his leadership. Jesus said “I was in prison and you came to me – that is what Disciple is doing.  God Bless, Disciple Bible Outreach Prison Ministry,

Richard B. WIlke

Bishop (Retired) & Author of The Disciple Bible Study Series, United Methodist Church

Team Locations & Updates


Watch his space for updates.

Tennessee Training

At this time no in-person training has been scheduled. Please contact Jim Bailes, President, DBOM of Tennessee if you are interested in becoming a trained volunteer.

Online training is available for new volunteers wishing to be certified for the ministry. For access to the online training, please contact Mark Hicks, President of DBOM National at (855) 980-7400.  



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John 8:31

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