Our Mission

“To develop and strengthen Bible study ministries in local churches and in outreach settings – especially prisons – which will transform lives, make disciples, and empower Christians for outreach ministry.”

Our Vision

“Making disciples through Bible study to bring God’s grace to a hurting world.”

Disciple Bible Outreach Ministry is managed by:

  • Working as a liaison between institutional officials (prison administrators, chaplains etc.), pastors, and volunteers
  • Providing volunteer recruitment, training and ongoing supervision
  • Providing financial resources for the Disciple Bible Outreach ministry including leadership training and study materials (manuals, videos and study Bibles).
  • Working with the State Department of Corrections, Federal prisons, and local jails and detention centers on behalf of the Annual Conferences.

DBOM of Virginia History

Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries had its beginnings when in 1995, graduates of DISCIPLE at Mt. Pisgah United Methodist Church in Greensboro, NC determined they would be disciples of Jesus by establishing a DISCIPLE Bible Study at Forsyth Correctional Center in Winston-Salem. This first study gave birth to the DISCIPLE Prison Ministry of North Carolina. Since 1995 the ministry has experienced tremendous growth. Since 1999, DISCIPLE Bible Study has been taught in 70 different correctional institutions in North Carolina and more than 300 lay and clergy persons have been trained as prison volunteers.

Responding to God’s call and bolstered by encouragement and support from the United Methodist Connectional Table and the General Commission on United Methodist Men, Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries by expanding.  In 2011, expansion work began in other states and Virginia was the first state that became a part of that expansion movement.  As of the beginning of 2013, DISCIPLE Bible study is in seven prisons and the RINGS OF FELLOWSHIP is in one Juvenile Detention Center.  DISCIPLE has been endorsed by the Virginia Department of Corrections and is being used in one prison thus far for a re-entry program. DISCIPLE is needed to provide strong discipleship training to help inmates grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. By linking inmates with local congregations, an added benefit is that a network of caring Christian friends can be established to help nurture parolees as they rediscover their place of belonging within the community.

This ministry not only benefits the inmates, but also benefits our local congregations. Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries has opened the hearts of many congregations to the needs of prison ministry and missions in general. Because inmates are brought to the local churches on passes for worship and other programs, participating churches have witnessed the breaking down of many barriers, such as race, fear, and, misunderstanding, that divide God’s people.


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Solidarity with people in prison is at the heart of Christian discipleship and ministry.  Jesus claimed “release to prisoners” as central to his mission (Luke 4:18); and he declared that visiting those in prison is a means of visiting him (Matthew 25:36 ). And, let us remember that Jesus himself was a convicted felon and was executed by the Roman government. What better way to grow in discipleship than sharing in Bible study with people who live behind prison walls?  There we will meet the Crucified and Risen Christ!

Kenneth Carder

Bishop (Retired), United Methodist Church



Gene D. Mims is a retired postmaster having served his last 17 of 33 years of postal service as postmaster of Prince George, VA.   Gene is also a retired veteran of the U.S. Navy.  His specialty was meteorology.  Gene is very active in the Virginia Conference United Methodist church and is currently the District Lay Leader for the James River District.  He is a frequent participant in the Karios Prison ministry.  He leads a weekly Bible study at Greensville Correctional Center.  In 2010 he was the first person to be awarded the Volunteer of the Year award by that institution.  Gene was a part of expanding Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries to the state of Virginia and is currently serving as President of the Virginia Board for DBOM.  During the school year, Gene tutors children on an elementary school level to help them improve their reading skills.   Gene is married to his wife of 51 years, Kay.  They have been blessed with four children, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  They live in Prince George County, Virginia.

Gene Mims, President
Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries of Virginia, Inc.
(804) 536-4382



DBOM of Virginia Board of Directors:

Mr. Gene Mims
Mr. Mike Smith
Mr. Jim Green
Rev. Glenn Rowley
Rev. Randy Myers
Chaplain Paul Beighley
Chaplain Paul Griffith
Mr. Lyman Hubbard
Mr. Jeff Carty
Rev. Leroy Henry
Anne Travis
Robert Carbary
Neill Caldwell
Rev. Kevin Richardson
Rev. Robert Blinn
Gerry Fuss
Rev. Mark Hicks

Nothing is more important today than Prison ministry. We have so many men and women behind bars. I am so proud of Disciple Bible Outreach Prison Ministry. Taking the small group Bible study lead by laypersons into the men and women prisons is powerful. It is helping inmates change their lives. Laymen week by week go into the prison and build meaning Christ centered relationships. Mark Hicks has built the program prison by prisons and state by state, I am so proud of his leadership. Jesus said “I was in prison and you came to me – that is what Disciple is doing.  God Bless, Disciple Bible Outreach Prison Ministry,

Richard B. WIlke

Bishop (Retired) & Author of The Disciple Bible Study Series, United Methodist Church

Team Locations & Updates


Additional information coming soon.

Virginia Training

At this time there is no in-person training scheduled.   Please contact Bob Goodwin, President, DBOM of Virginia if you are interested in becoming a trained volunteer.

Online training is available for new volunteers wishing to be certified for the ministry. For access to the online training, please contact Mark Hicks, President of DBOM National at (855) 980-7400.  


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